For the purposes of our system, Children are classed as being between the ages of 3 and 15.


The Management would like to bring your attention to work that has been carried out on our camping field, Pitches 8-14 and 15-21. This has been due to electricity posts being knocked down by a number of guests so we found it necessary to react quickly to install all electricity posts to the rear of the pitches.

We do apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The site is growing fast and we do continue to update and improve throughout the year. We do our best to do this during quieter times but sometimes it is necessary to carry out work in the summer if the Management feel it cannot wait and it will benefit our guests. The new posts installed at the rear of the pitches will also provide water to each individual pitch rather than using a communal water tap. This has come with a little disruption and we apologise for this. It does require some new grass to grow which will take a little time so it is a little patchy until this grows so we do apologise for this too.

We are always striving to improve and with this comes the inconvenience and disruption and hope you can see our vision.

Kind Regards

The Management Team

Lady Heyes Camping View

At Lady Heyes Park we have camping facilities for up to 100 tents with 40 individual electric points available to campers.

The camping field has two fresh water points for convenience, and all campers have use of the 5 Star service facilities included in the cost.

Our facilities include free showers, toilets and wash basins all under the same roof, warmed by under floor heating.

Lady Heyes Dog Shower

We also have a laundry room with washing up sinks, washing machines, dryers and a hand wash basin.

On the outside wall you will find the bike / dog shower set at a comfortable 30 degrees to ensure your dog doesn't get too cold...

Sensible groups are welcome, site rules must be respected at all times and everybody must be considerate and helpful towards fellow campers. We want everybody to enjoy their time here so come, have fun, recharge and play by the rules...

Adults: £8.00 per person per night

Children*: £3.00 per person per night

Children under 3 yrs old - FREE

EHU is available for additional £3.00 per night.