COVID-19 Update
22 July 2020

Welcome back to Lady Heyes, as you know we are a family run business and pride ourselves in helping you make family memories. We are following government guidelines in which we need your cooperation with during this time.

As we have had such high demand, we have made the decision to allow the communal facilities to be open. For us to do this you must follow the government guidelines and adhere to the measures that we have put in place to help us achieve a safe and healthy environment.

If you do have your own facilities we do strongly encourage you to make use out of these.

Children must always be supervised by a parent or legal guardian if they are found without supervision then they will be sent back to where they are staying. Our outdoor play area will remain closed until further notice to ensure that no one is breaching the 2m distance rule.

Our toilet and shower facilities will have a one in one out system and a one-way inside which you must follow. Hands are to be washed before and after use of our toilet and shower facilities and 2 m distance should always be in place where possible.

Our laundry facility will be open during office hours and to only hold a maximum of 1 person at a time.

Guests will not be permitted to come on to site. Customers who have paid to stay will be permitted only to use the facilities allocated to them and them alone, to ensure that we comply with health and safety regulations. We hope that you will understand these temporary changes to our rules and regulations so that we can ensure a safe environment for all customers and staff.

Our site wardens are on site 24/7 to ensure a safe environment for everyone. We do not tolerate antisocial behaviour and if you do not follow our measures that we have in place due to government instruction you will be asked to leave.

Please remember to respect others around you and have patience as we are doing our best so we can provide the communal facilities for you during your stay.

Thank you for your cooperation,
The Lady Heyes Team