Rules and Regulations:

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Lady Heyes Park Rules and Regulations
Camping and Caravanning is Communal, and therefore whilst on site you must be considerate and helpful towards fellow campers.

We want everybody to enjoy their time here and respect this beautiful piece of England with great care. So come, have fun, recharge, and play by the rules . . .

There is only a handful and if you feel you or your friends can not adhere to them then our site is simply not for you.

Our Rules and Regulations are put in place for 3 simple reasons:

  1. For the Safety of all campers and caravaners.
  2. To protect the countryside you have come to enjoy.
  3. To ensure everyone can benefit from their experience.

SPEED - Drive as SLOWLY as possible. Everybody needs to feel safe.
NOISE - Quiet time between 10.30pm & 7.30am. Everybody needs sleep.
MUSIC - Just because you like doesn't mean everybody wants to hear it. Keep it low.
TICKETS - Tent and car tickets displayed clearly. Management only wants invited guests.
LITTER - Keep your pitch spotless. Apart from litter being ugly it also kills wildlife.
FIRE PITS - Must be approved by management and ash put in the bin and not the bushes.
FIRES - No open fires. You wouldn't burn a big hole in your garden so don't in ours.
BBQ's - Disposable BBQ's must be on racks, please be considerate to your neighbour with BBQ smoke.
DOGS - Good tempered only, with responsible owners. Keep on a lead and clean up its poo.
DEPARTURES - By 12pm unless lazy day departure has been agreed and paid for at office.
MANNERS - Maketh Man.
We are firm but polite campsite owners and will not tolerate bad or indecent behaviour.
If you break the rules or we feel you are acting inappropriately you will be dealt with accordingly.
"Leave only footprints and take only memories"