Business Environmental & Sustainability Statement
Lady Heyes Holiday Park are committed to working in a sustainable manner across all aspects of the business as much as possible & we are working hard to introduce new environmentally friendly initiatives all the time for our staff & guests. Our philosophy is that we want our parkland to offer the very best of the natural environment to our guests & for generations to follow.

We are very proud of our location in the beautiful Cheshire countryside & are designated as being a Greenbelt site. We offer our guests tranquillity & stunning views across the vista of the rolling hills of the Vale Royal.

We are very passionate to support sustainable tourism & support any eco initiatives in the local community.

Being close to The Sandstone Trail we always recommend our guests to investigate this as one of the finest and most popular long distance walks in North West England, in the UK.

It's also been voted as one of 'Britain's Favourite Walks'. The Trail stretches for 34 miles/55 kilometres along Cheshire's Sandstone Ridge and offers superb, unbroken, and often elevated walking across the still largely green and pleasant English county of Cheshire. The Trail runs from the ancient market town of Frodsham on the broad Mersey estuary, in the north, to Georgian Whitchurch in rural north Shropshire, in the south.

We maintain the landscape within the park to a high standard & our green spaces receive lots of TLC so our guests can enjoy the natural environment & fresh air which is crucial to wellbeing. We have planted every single tree within the park ourselves over the years to blend in with our rural surroundings & encourage wildlife.

As part of our conservation efforts we will also be planting a wildflower meadow & introducing a wildlife woodland walk to encourage children to take a vested interest in their eco system which will also feature a bug house. We have Derek, our park ranger who ensures standards are maintained in all areas.

We have a waste recycling program within the park & are actively looking into the reduction of our overall carbon footprint.

For staff transportation within the park we use a fleet of electric golf buggys & we are also installing EV charge points for the use of staff, guests & also the local community.

In an effort to drive our sustainability strategy to the next stage we will be introducing an innovative system of solar powered panels to support our energy usage. This will be a project of huge importance to us & a significant achievement. We have included signage within all of our accommodations aswell to encourage guests to switch off lights & electrical items when they are not in use.

We strive to always do our very best in line with the legally binding commitments made by the UK government & comply with associated legislation to set an example at all times.